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Maritime Satellite Communications

In the challenging environment of the sea, the ship, crew, and passengers must maintain constant connectivity. Our range of maritime communication solutions can enhance your operations at sea, boost crew morale, and provide entertainment for passengers.

We offer data, Internet, telephone, and navigation solutions for the vessel, as well as crew connectivity options such as voice, Internet, and TV. Passengers can enjoy onboard video, live TV, telephone services, and Internet access.

IFIX Network's maritime satellite communications services are accessible globally.

Government Policy

Government Agencies

Government special projects connectivity solutions are vital for ensuring seamless communication across various government sectors such as military, intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement, and public safety. It is imperative to have secure voice, broadband data, and network infrastructure for Heads of States, embassies, government offices, borders, and defense corps to facilitate efficient operations. 

IFIX Networks provides dependable, adaptable, and efficient connectivity solutions that cater to border controls, mobile communications, encryption, emergency response, and humanitarian aid.

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