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Connectivity The Key To Success

Experience lightning-fast, reliable internet anywhere your maritime vessel travels with Starlink's cutting-edge satellite technology.

Starlink High Performance on Maritime

As a maritime professional, you know the crippling isolation of vessels cut off from the modern, connected world. Struggling with spotty coverage, painfully slow speeds, and prohibitive costs, it's as if you've been transported to a different era, unable to coordinate critical activities or provide your crew basic entertainment without constant frustration.

The psychological toll is devastating. Seafarers spend weeks or months disconnected from loved ones, plummeting morale and retention. You deserve to feel empowered and supported, not isolated and alone.


It's time to chart a new course – one where the open waters are no longer a digital void, but a hub of real-time communication and collaboration. Break free from the shackles of outdated maritime internet and embrace a future where your vessels are as connected as they are capable.

Global Connectivity Solution

Unleash your company's full potential with Starlink's enterprise-grade connectivity. Whether you operate remote facilities, manage a distributed workforce, or require mission-critical communications, Starlink provides the high-performance, low-latency internet you need to power your digital transformation. Boost productivity, enable seamless collaboration, and ensure business continuity with Starlink's reliable, global coverage.

We present to you, a tailored match solution to your connectivity need, STARLINK.

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~ Why You Should Get Your Starlink Installed Now ~

Starlink device gives your business an edge over competitors by:

~ Future-proof technology that keeps pace with your evolving connectivity needs.

~  Hassle-free installation and setup.

~  Freedom to work, learn, and enjoy entertainment from anywhere in the world.

~  Improved online safety and security through Starlink's advanced network architecture.

~  Peace of mind knowing you have a dependable, high-performance internet solution.


~ Reliable, high-quality connectivity.

~ Reliable, Global Coverage

~ Lightning-Fast Performance

~ Combating Isolation and Loneliness

~ Boosting Morale and Retention

~ Seamless connectivity

~ Elevating Crew Welfare

~ Cost-Effective Connectivity

~ Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

~ Futureproof, Scalable Solution

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iFIX Networks Group is a provider of specialist connectivity solutions to clients across a range of sectors

including Maritime, Energy, Construction, Mining and Healthcare. We harness the power of major satcom and telecom networks, combined with state-of-the-art technologies, to provide the best possible communications coverage for each site and project, including in remote areas where terrestrial signals are poor or non-existent.


We've been in this service for a very long time, with 100% success rate.


Our previous work bear witness.


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