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Scalable, Secure Wireless Solutions

Private LTE & 5G, LEO and Distributed Antenna System Specialists

Secure Private LTE & 5G Networks

Ifix provides secure, scalable and resilient Private LTE, 4G and 5G Network solutions for our clients.

A Private Mobile Network utilises the same technology used by mobile operators, to provide a dedicated, private wireless network for organisations.

This private, local network looks just like WiFi, but leverages the much more secure, scalable LTE and 5G technology. Due to the unrivaled levels of control, security, and quality of service, Private LTE & 5G networks are perfect for environments that handle sensitive data and require a constant connection for mission-critical operations.


Our solution provides the perfect balance – the scalability and reliability of a public network, with the affordability and ease of deployment of WiFi.

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Ifix Network Service

Don’t delay, adopt a wireless-first strategy for your organisation today:


Benefits of Private LTE / 5G

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Scalable Ifix.jpg
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Wireless connectivity, simply better

Gigabit speeds

Supports thousands of devices

Unrivalled quality of service and network resilience

Secure, localised data management

Carrier-grade, end to end encryption

Suited for mission-critical IT systems​

Extensive coverage and unrestricted device choice

Industry-standard infrastructure

Ease and speed of deployment

Lower cost

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